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Viasat enterprise broadband services can help you effectively manage global business expansion

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规模企业经营. 几乎任何地方.

Viasat brings unparalleled satellite capacity to expand your global network effectively — and affordably


Viasat has the highest capacity communication satellites in the world. We design, own, and operate a rapidly growing fleet of satellites. This means Viasat can cost-effectively deliver the bandwidth you need to manage your expanding network needs — from the same provider trusted by Fortune 500 companies, some of the world’s largest airlines, and heads of state for their most critical connectivity needs. 

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You’re growing your global footprint. 我们也是.

Viasat is bringing more capacity and higher speed solutions to developed and emerging markets


Viasat’s current satellite constellation brings fast, reliable enterprise broadband services to most of the Americas — and we’re expanding that footprint to include the rest of the world. 我们收购了 RigNet grows our global capabilities for 能源, 航运, 海上, 矿业, and additional enterprises — and with the upcoming launch of our revolutionary Viasat-3 constellation, we’ll soon be able to deliver all enterprise customers a truly global enterprise broadband solution from a single provider, with even more capacity to help drive costs down.

企业 communications at the edge

Viasat has the products and services to help expand, safeguard, and manage your network


Global satellite broadband is just the beginning. Viasat enterprise services can help solve your company’s most difficult communications and networking challenges. 这包括:


  • Fully-managed, resilient communications
  • 快速部署服务
  • I物联网启用
  • 系统集成
  • 机器学习分析
  • Network visibility and management
  • 24/7 network security management
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Additional enterprise solutions


End-to-end communication services assuring maximum uptime, 可靠性, flexibility and security globally.


Fully managed large-scale telecom projects including design, procurement, assembly and testing.


We work with Ligado Networks and Thuraya to deliver near realtime fixed and mobile applications in M2M, 物联网, 能源, 公用事业公司, logistics and enterprise markets.


End-to-end encryption services that includes data-at-rest, 传输中数据, and embeddable encryption solutions to protect your most sensitive data.

Connectivity that powers diverse applications and markets


远程监控操作, leverage real-time analytics, and enable crew welfare for onshore and offshore sites.

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Enable critical communication to national or regional relief organizations when existing land-based systems are unavailable or current options are insufficient.

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Diversify from land-based networks and integrate broadband satellite connectivity as a backup. Our satellite service integrates with leading SD-WAN platforms.

Camera crew filming and broadcasting with portable enterprise internet

Leverage portable terminals to stream live news and events from the field in high-definition with affordable, high-speed Internet Protocol (IP) access.

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Integrated cellular and satellite solutions help create custom and private networks in areas beyond the reach of terrestrial infrastructure.  


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